Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back in the Northeast....

... and about to leave again.  Well, for an overnight, anyhow.  It's been a productive summer, but very busy.  Often, I've observed, I get some of my most relaxed time in the early weeks of September.  My son Joel is coming in for a couple of days, wanting to go to the Lake.

 I've been in West Virginia, and had a really nice visit with my mother and saw East Shinnston friends and Shinnston First Baptist Church friends, and spent time sitting on my mother's tiny cement porch watching the misty evening come down.  The land is flatter in East Shinnston than I usually remember.  It must have been fields once, long ago, but high up in the hills.  Anyhow, back to my desk, the virtual desk pretty neat, but the physical one piled with boxes and receipts and annoying chores.
     The picture above is of what we always called "Up on the Hill," with Palmer family home in the foreground.  I grew up a couple of houses to the right, but my old house I think of from the inside, and what I from there, and what I imagined.

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