Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Just back from a great week-end giving workshops at the West Virginia Writers Conference at Cedar Lakes, West Virginia.  Seeing old, good friends (Phyllis Moore, Eddy Pendarvis, Marc Harshman, Anna Smucker, Cat Pleska, George Lies, Kirk Judd, Ken Sullivan, Taylor Seaton, Cheryl Denise-- oh I could go on and on!-- and that doesn't even begin to mention everyone or new friends like new excellent fiction writer Matthew Neill Null and the out-going WVW president Susan Nicholas, Huntington t.v. personality).

Cedar Lakes is near Ripley, West Virginia, a beautiful camp for all sorts of groups.  I got up early each day for a walk with my sticks before plunging in to socializing and discussing books and  how to write them.

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