Thursday, October 15, 2015

Official Publication Day! 

Meli's Way
by Meredith Sue Willis

Today is the official publication date for my 
new young adult novel, Meli's Way. It is being published by an excellent small press,Montemayor Press, and it has already received some excellent reviews that you can look at here.
Publication day, of course, is a fiction-- the imaginary day when a book is available everywhere. I'm using the day to announce it to you, and ask you to consider reading the opening here.
It would be a great favor, if you know or are related to a teacher, a librarian, or a young teen, to pass on the word about the book.
It can be ordered from the publisher's web site or from the usual online suspects, and Barnes & Noble.

For more information,
ISBN 978-1-932727-15-9   •  Original Paperback  •   US        $15.95



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