Sunday, October 04, 2015

IL TROVATORE with Ken and Linda!

We had a really nice day in the city yesterday with Ken and Linda who gave us tickets to Il Trovatore, my new favorite opera.  All melodrama!  The best people dead at the end!  Jealousy/woman-as-territory-to-conquer-and-hold!  Anna Netrebko in incredible rich voice as Leonora, a young guy named Yonghoon Lee as a slim, energetic, powerful Manrico, and the possibly dying baritone with the white hair and brain tumor Dmitri Hvorostovsky so excellently, torturedly, evil.  Big crowd scenes of soldiers and gypsies, the Anvil chorus!  What fun!

And dinner and good conversation afterward at La Mirabelle a family owned bistro up on 86nd Street and Columbus with charming small older françaises dishing out excellent food and saying bon appetit.

Beautiful day in spite of bursts of spitty rain.

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