Monday, September 23, 2013

The Parakeet Has Expressed his Wants

Well, I put dinner in the crockpot (I’m going into the city in a couple of hours), and started to work at my desk, but finally gave up and went to the grocery store to buy a bag of the cheap bird food for Taxi the parakeet, who has not been eating from his seed cup, at least not in front of me, since I bought the expensive stuff with little tiny chunks of dried fruit.  He eats what I’m eating, and I’m convinced he’s been eating the seed when I’m not looking, because it’s been three days! 
    Anyhow, I just emptied his cup and put in the plain millet or whatever it is, and he immediately leaped to the seed perch and started chowing down.  The little jerk.  What am I going to do with the expensive seed?  Try to slip it to him, or just throw it out?  Probably the latter.
    I’m feeling the flip side effects of communication with animals.  In this case, the parakeet has made his point.

2 comments: said...

Budgies are prone to Fatty Liver Disease...bird seed is like candy...I fool mine into eating a mixture of half parakeet seed mix and half pellets. Pellets very important for complete nutrition. The natural color ones best not the colored ones. Good ones are made by Roudybush, Lafeber, Harris (organic!), and Zupreem. Try different ones. I do this for my cockatiels as well. Supplement too with Crisp green Romaine (spinach, dandelion greens, etc) and thin apple wedges...I clip all to cage bars near a perch. With proper nutrition...Taxi can live to 15+ rather than 6-7ish. OY!

MSW said...

Thanks, Bird Mother! Taxi's already seven. He likes basil (organic) from my garden. I'll look around for some of the pellets.