Thursday, February 28, 2013

     It's very exciting to be having two reprints come out this late winter of 2013.  My very first novel A Space Apart is just out in its first ebook edition  (see Foreverland Press --"Bringing Back the Backlist").  The second book, due soon, is a new edition of Blazing Pencils.  With both of these books I've done some updating-- brought BP into the digital age;  added an Afterword to ASA and just a touch of connection to current events at the time the book was written.
     It is an enormous pleasure to have this kind of close connection to yourself at an earlier age-- Blazing Pencils less so, because it is a how-to-write book, aimed at young people, and of course I still at least occasionally talk to them.  The novel, though, feels like a window into a very different mind and world view-- the passion and writing style and formal structure of the book are fine, probably as good as anything I write now, but I feel lack of integration of all the knowledge I had and of course the experiences I've lived since then.  I suppose the gap and it is mostly just that:  everything that's happened in between.

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