Friday, November 30, 2012

School Kid's Sketch

     I'm doing a couple of schools this week and next, which is interesting on a lot of levels, although exhausting.  I get a kick out of a lot of things: a charter school today that encourages creativity and reminds me of some of the so-called Open Classrooms back at P.S. 75.
     One girl spent the hour making tiny folded snowflakes she gave to me, and then this  drawing of me teaching:

I like this sketch for its pleasant engaged face and her belief that I liked the class, but also for the detail to my clothes  (boots and tuck in tights, and a tunic from Marketplace, earrings headband, book and writing implement, and even my little silver heart bracelet on my left wrist that I've had-- literally-- for more than 50 years:  Aunt Ninnie brought it back from Europe!).  Also, I look generically young, actually like a kid.
     It's meant to please, of course, as this child obviously likes to give people samples of her work, but it's always a surprise to get a peek at how you look to other people.

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