Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lunch with the Moms' Group

Yesterday had lunch at Pepolino's south of Canal Street (a.k.a. TriBeCa) with the old Mothers' group: that's Maddy, Nancy, Jody, Evelyn and me-- we were all living in the Park Slope area, mostly in the same couple of buildings, and had babies, and have stayed friends.  We get together, just the five of us  (one still in the heart of the Slope, one still in Brooklyn but out of the Slope, two of us in Jersey and one in Westchester) twice a year or so, and then with husbands and available kids another time, usually in the Berkshires, because four of the five families have summer places in that area.  Ten children among us-- I was the only one who stopped at one, Evelyn has three.  Everyone grown up now, doing everything from nanny work for the rich and famous to getting a Ph.D. in computer science  (that would be Joel) to having  a play produced to working for a literary agent to banking to semi-full time activism to graduate school and on and on.  It's been wonderful that this lasted; a real enrichment of my life.

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