Sunday, December 26, 2010

The lightness and relative transparency of it delight me. I downloaded Trollope's The Prime Minister, which is what I've been reading in a paper back, and is something I like but am not totally caught up in or totally admiring of. The black words on gray are a complete pleasure, the lightness on my fingertips the size and shape please me. I lay in bed and held it up in the qir over my face. Easy. I like the two sided controls forward and back, although the left hand one, useful as it is,takes some getting used to -- intuitively, left should be back in my old brain. But that I see immediately is useful. Being a ble to make b igger letters to read temporarily sans glasses is good (I'll try that at night to read in bed).
The only thing that is disturbing me at the moment is the narrow focus on the present of the screen. I think (and I didn't know this) that I must , when I'm reading a conventional book, flip back and forth, unconsciously checking how much of the book is read, yet to read, taking a break from the simple focused reading. I check things, in other words, move back and forth a lot.
This electronic device is, for the moment, more linear than a book! Wow!

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