Friday, December 25, 2009

Snapshots before Christmas

December 23, 2009
Well, last night was noisy, but fun-- the Prospect Street Alumni Party-- and I never quite figured out everyone who was there– people stopped by Katherine’s but didn’t come on to our house, and others showed up only at Krois. We had Andrew Sedlak and his mom Susan who I talked to longer that every before in all the twenty plus years I’ve known her; I was up till nearly one watching the logs burn down and finishing clean up. Just grand to see Tony and Mary and Anne and Ryan (who drove straight down from Boston). Ed and Joan and Caitlin and Holly and Katherine and Gordon and Lily and Noel and their au pair and us and Joel and Sarah. Sixth grader Lily and her friend spent a lot of time observing Taxi. Lily (who has a dog and at least 2 cats) said “I’ve never held a bird before!” with Taxi on her finger, and then very astutely asked about the safety of a bird in the kitchen due to gas fumes, and I told her about my decision that company was more important for a parakeet/budgie.
We're due for a quiet day today, and then getting ready for Christmas dinner-- Howard and Alice joining us!

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