Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hurt Bird

This is the first day of Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights.

October 17

It is raining like crazy here, grim days, allthough the Yankees managed to beat the Angels last night in the Bronx. I am feeling low because Taxi the parakeet has something wrong with his left foot (See him in better days below). About four mornings ago, he was favoring it, and it has gotten worse: no idea how he hurt it (do budgies have strokes?). He limps around, doesn't leave the cage as much, sits tipped to the side a little. The good news is that he also sings with the radio, and in the afternoons comes out and kisses me and does his thing with keys-- he also likes napkins and watches and eyeglasses and pop cans. We feel so sad for him, but on the other hand, he just goes along. Will he get better? Will he die? We get so wrapped up in our little beasts.

Also going on: local brouhaha about whether or not lights should be installed at the football field, which borders our neighborhood. Most of the Village Colonials (yes, it's an unfortunate but time-honored name for the neighborhood association) are yelling Stop the Lights! But some of the local teens have gotten involved, and one of our neighbors (a freshman field hockey player) rang the doorbell asking us to sign a petition saying we supported the lights because the kids need them for their sports. So we had to make a choice ("Which side are you on, boys?") and I signed. There is something so knee jerk selfish about a lot of extremely local (as in neighborhood and PTA politics). Of course, easy for me to take the high road when my house does not border on the field.

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