Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween E'en

It’s been a pleasant day. I have a lot of deadline work coming up all of a sudden – an article for The Writer came through, and is now due, and I got a .pdf of the catalog copy for Out of the Mountains, and I’ve got final galleys for Ten Strategies, and what I am really into doing for the moment is a hand-edit of Melisandre which I yearn to do straight through, but see it isn't going to happen.

And of course papers due and teaching to prepare and oh dear political work. Well, all of this is good stuff, just feeling exploded in my brain at the moment, all at once.

Andy was off today, and wanted to try Hobby’s Deli in downtown Newark, between the courts and the Prudential center. It’s family run, nice fresh turkey sandwich for me (and they asked me if I wanted white meat or mixed!) plus a chocolate egg cream! Andy had pastrami and a knish plus a really good cherry cheese strudel. The old guy who founded the business seated us, a veteran of WWII, recently honored with others in his outfit by the French, two middle aged sons, a huge staff, patrons seem to be friends, all ages, all races– cops, tie ‘n jacket lawyers, dreadlocks, athletes, us.

Tomorrow is Halloween, followed by back to Eastern Standard Time.

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