Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Think I'm Not a Blogger...

The Vernal Equinox

I think I am really not a blogger, or at least, I still haven't figured out how to use it.

My friend Shelley Ettinger is a writer who also blogs, successfully, I think at Read Red, successful because she has an angle-- writes about books and public affairs from a frankly leftist point of view. My brother-in-law David Weinberger is a professional blogger, almost a pundit! -- with a lot of knowledge and interest in the web and digital social networking and such topics. But I have not yet found what I want to do with this space, and its sister on I know a few friends check here to see what my family is up to-- thus:

Joel and Sarah were here for 36 hours this week-end! They had a wedding in lower upstate New York, and Sarah's friend Claire, a chemistry came too and took our picture on the back porch:

Meanwhile, I keep a journal that is not for public consumption, and I do something bloggish, which is really a newsletter. I work hard on it, too, my booksforreaders, using the kind of informal, unfinished writing that is probably closer to blogging than to essay writing. But I like the gathering up of the thing, the creation of something with a shape. I collect stuff, toss it in a word processing file, and then, every month or six weeks or so, put together a newsletter. Informal, honoring the announcements and accomplishments of friends-- getting ideas for what to read. It has been quite a pleasure to write. I do a newsletter for the Coalition on Race, too. But I haven't quite got the knack of the blog.

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