Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm a Humanitarian of the Year!

May 21

They honored me Saturday night at Ethical Culture (Actually, at Cryan's Irish pub's party room in South Orange). It was pretty terrific, to have people stand up one after the other and say nice things. See some pictures here. There was some stress, of course, with all the people who mean something to you there to talk with, but over all, what a high!

May 19 Continued

I just booked a flight for my mother from Newark to Cleveland. It cost @$200 and I booked it using orbitz, and that's all fine, but now it gets weird. This flight is a round trip! It cost over $400, twice as much, to go one way.

Is Capitalism crazy or what?

I booked the required return flight from Cleveland to Newark in late July in case she happens to be back in Cleveland (my cousin takes her by car sometimes). Then, if she happens to be there, she can fly to Newark and I'll take her back to WV on my way to the Appalachian Writers Workshop. Otherwise, we'll just forget the second half of the round trip. Andy's brother David, who flies all the time, says this is very typical.

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