Saturday, April 07, 2007

Lots of Living Things

Geraniums eager to move outside...

I get so much pleasure out of this silly little fleck of yellow-green life with the blue cere and blue patches on his jowls. He is all about musicality, listening intently to jazz on the radio, to my whistling. He makes love to anything that is shiny or clicks, including dishes in the drainer, the radio, the hanging lamp, the plug on the toaster over, my fingernails, the zipper on Andy's jacket. He just chortles and sings and, like the guy who drank Love Potion Number Nine, kisses everything in sight. What is not to like? Well, I wish he would pose a little better for his pictures, as he insists on coming closer and closer to the camera, sitting on it if he can. Thus, always in-your-face-and-out-of-focus.

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