Friday, March 30, 2007

It Really Is Spring

Crocus Early Spring 2007

This has been a wild week, how everything comes in clumps for me. A presentation and a training session with the Coalition on our new Speaker’s Bureau, NYU, a day with fourth graders at Butler and yesterday was another wild one, Park Ridge High School, then home long enough to pack up my laptop to go to New York for repair as our local CompUSAs are closing. Off to NYC, tired and back hurting by the time I got the thing into the remaining CompUSA on Fifth Avenue and 37th Street. Then off looking for a bottle of wine, no liquor stores on Sixth Avenue or 23rd Street, finally down Seventh avenue to that one I’ve been to before, just west of 7th on 21st, I believe. Another Australian brand with a different kangaroo. Then to Suzanne’s for writing group where Carol E. read the latest version of a nicely revised story about the old lady whose feet tingle predicting (she believes) a disaster and walks west with her cat. I read the galleys of my piece for Maggie A’s anthology of prose writings about schools and schooling, and I’m pretty happy with it.

Last night started reading around on the web about another Blog tempest, this time about bullying and general nastiness (See Kathy Sierra's blog).

Anyhow, I’m home today, to write for maybe ten minutes, then shop for the small Seder we’re doing on Monday and do Coalition work and probably even some housework, which is almost always a-way down on my list of priorities.

And here come the daffodils!

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