Monday, February 05, 2007

Back in the Groove

I'll be leaving soon for New York-- my first NYU class of the semester. I had two scheduled, and one didn't run, and I was suddenly very eager to make sure this one goes-- Making Your Novel Happen. It makes you appreciate a thing, when it doesn't happen: for me, the appreciation was for napping on the train, calling Andy on the cell phone from the train, the cheap sushi place I go near Sixth Avenue, Washington Square Park, the interesting people who are writing novels.

I do wonder sometimes why there are so many of them.

These young people! I hear from her mother that Laurel Schwartz is thinking about teaching in China or doing Teach America before possibly going to professional school. Molly Gilman is in a children’s play called Pinkalicious that is actually on Broadway, albeit Upper Broadway and she isn’t in Equity yet (but got a good review for her singing-- called "strong-voiced and charismatic!" ). Meanwhile, Sarah is down there doing health delivery contracts for Rand Corporation, and Joel is set to go live in San Franciso and work at a really excellent job as a software engineer, probably getting a deferral on graduate school.

And I’m still amazed that he can keep a check book.

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