Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year

This page is new for 2007, with 2006 blog notes available at blogarchives2006one and blogarchives2006two

Joel accepted a job by email last night for next year in San Francisco. This is the small group research and development job. At least I know now, and can begin to get adjusted. He doesn't really think he wants to be in California for the rest of his life, but he may be just being nice to me. It's Sarah's home state, of course. Each stage of parenting has been like this: I didn't think I could bear it when the baby stopped nursing. I didn't think I could bear the kid not sitting on my lap. I didn't think I could bear Joel going to college. Of course we do bear it, we live on. We live with great satisfaction, in fact. And part of the fabric of life becomes the loss.

We're very philosphical today. Resolution: to focus on the present day and to read more slowly.

This period off from teaching and Coalition work (mostly) with lots of family has been enriching, I think, perhaps make me more able to do the slow and focus. I'm very close to having a final draft of Love Palace done. I had felt that there was something wrong with the end, and I made a pretty serious rearrangement which works (as always I wonder why I didn't figure it out sooner).

We had dinner with Sciainos, Dalbeys, and McNamaras yesterday, plus Joel, Sarah, Ryan. Good stories, good food, the McNamaras are grandparents courtesy of Erin.

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