Thursday, June 22, 2017

New Hard Copy Edition of MSW's First Novel!

A new, updated edition of Meredith Sue Willis's first novel A Space Apart is now available in hard copy from Irene Weinberger Books. There is also an e-book edition (Foreverland Press).  

One reviewer of the new edition said, "When Meredith Sue Willis's first novel, which tells the story of a troubled preacher's family in West Virginia, first came out in 1979, it was declared a cause for celebration by the Los Angeles Times. Comparing Willis to Anne Tyler, the Times wrote: 'She has written with depth and honesty about a life style available to many of us only though books.' A Space Apart, according to The Philadelphia Bulletin, 'weaves a web of subtle suspense and poetic perception.' Now the electronic re-issue of the novel, making it easily and economically available, is again a cause for celebration, and those keeping running tally on the pros and cons of technology's impact on literature, have got to put this new incarnation solidly in the "pro" column.  (Read the full review here.)"

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