Sunday, August 07, 2016

Back from the lake...

...and we had a really good vacation-- some excellent theater at Shakespeare & Company including a farce by Aphra Behn and  a play about Aphra Behn plus two excellent pieces about veterans of American wars-- Ugly Lies the Bone and Stephan Wolfert's one man memoir piece with seamlessly integrated lines of Shakespeare, Cry "Havoc."  And last night my second excellent Merchant of Venice directed by Tna Packer and starring Jonathan Epstein.  He does a really good Shylock, both victim and villain.  
    Also enjoyed time with Andy's family and the lake!  Several lovely perfect days, a couple of misty rainy ones.  Yesterday I went out in the kayak and saw one of the lake's resident bald eagles fly into a little cove.  It landed on the muddy bit of beach and waded in the water.  It kept dipping its head--I don't know if it was bathing or fishing, but it let me get within twenty feet of it, stared me in the eye, its round pale yellow ones fixed on me from either side of the brighter yellow beak.  Really amazing.

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