Thursday, August 14, 2014

I just realized that this is roughly my tenth anniversary of using blogger/blogspot.  I had absolutely no idea I'd been doing it that long.  It started out as a kind of good news blog, as I stopped blogging as a page on my web site, and later I started doing  wordpress blog for politerature, first with Shelley Ettinger, then alone.  I keep a desultory facebook page.  Two, actually.  Mostly here I note days at the museum, vacation theatrical experiences, and I put up a copy of my books newsletter.  All of which is to say I still don't know how to use these things, at least not in a way that draws the world into my orbit.  Maybe I'm fated never to draw in the world.

But I would never have guessed it was ten years.  Some things I line up well, many of them important dates in Joel's life:  he and Sarah got married in 2010; he graduated college in 2007, we went to Italy in 2005.  But ongoing things slip off in their sameness, or likeness.  My newsletter has been going since 2000 or so.  I've been living all these years.  That's hard to get your head around too.

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