Saturday, March 08, 2014

Arabian Nights of the Internet....

The joys of ego surfing! It used to be easier to find new references to yourself, back in the days of the old search engines that brought up what was new rather than what is most popular. With Google, you have to look at too many pages of things you've seen before you find anything new.  But I digress. Last night I found a reference to my story "Scheherezade and Dunzyad" on a comparative literature course syllabus at the University of Kuwait! Is that cool or what? It includes what may be a translation into Arabic (okay, someone is going to tell me this is a recipe for kofta kebab, but how would I know)? In any case, finding that someone picked up my story over there is one of those pleasant moments of feeling connected all around-- ego stroked of course, too--but, honestly, given all the cacaphony and selling on the web, isn't this lovely?

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