Saturday, February 08, 2014

Workshop Production of The Seawife

MSW & Molly Gilman (in costume!) at The Seawife!

I saw a workshop production last night of a musical play called The Seawife, created in an interesting collaborative way by a group of actors/folk musician called The Lobbyists. Our friend actor/singer Molly Gilman was in it as cellist and cabin boy (and a few other parts).
     It was a lot of fun to participate in a project still under development-- changing lines and more that very morning! Wow! I went with Molly's parents and her significant other. Wonderful Civil War style costumes, ghosts, evil pirates, Leviathan, and a terrific harpooning scene that almost speared-- me in the audience!

Jonathan, Alice, MSW & Molly (in costume!) at The Seawife!

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