Sunday, July 28, 2013

Three Days of Theater in the Berkshires!

What a three days of theater:  last night it was None But the Lonely Heart: The Strange Story of Tchaikovsky and Madame von Meck which we went to see for Jonny Epstein and Ariel Bock, but was really a lovely genre of mixed music, dance, singing and letters and other personal stuff from the main people it was about.  

It was written by Eve Wolf who has an organization called the Ensemble for the Romantic Century. She’s a pianist, and performed a lot of Tchaikovsky’s work, mostly with a cellist and violinist, sometimes with songs by Tchaikovsky, sung by an expressive young tenor, also with a couple of passages of ballet by a handsome male dancer in white and gold, maybe Swan Lake regalia?  Both the tenor and the dancer were also used as objects of Tchaikovsky’s yearning, and the text was the passionate strange letters  between him and Mme. von Meck’s.  

She supported him financially, and they agreed never to meet, but would sometimes spy on one another from a distance.  She bore eleven children, a story in itself, but not this one.  The strange climax is that she dropped him suddenly-- and this production gave intimations that she was being blackmailed: either break off with him or else his homosexuality would be revealed-- anyhow, it was just a super mix of music and text, with perhaps an emphasis on the music, lots of beautiful and fascinating people and costumes to look at.  Wolf has done other pieces like this:  has anyone else?  

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