Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Klinger's Glove and James Nares's Street

Metropolitan Museum on a warm and damp day, enormously crowded. 

Here's what I liked best:

    Max Klinger etchings from a surrealist book about a glove  Weird stuff:  the glove rescued at sea, the glove dreamed of in a nightmare, the glove drives a classical chariot. He's got all these vaguely erotic, exciting dream images.  I find I've collected a few in the past for my image collections.
       Also something really wonderful  I’m generally not a fan of art videos, but James Nares did something called “Street” which is sixteen hours of film shot out a car window in NYC, very high def film, the kind used for slo mo of sipping hummingbirds, etc.  He took this film and slowed it down, cut and edited to one hour, and it is extraordinary:  big screen, monumental people, like watching people on the subway, but if they look up you don’t have to look away.
   Everyone looks somehow dignified and lovely.  They aren''t smiling, with a few exceptions  (a woman talking on her cell phone). They seem deep inside themselves, walking, crossing streets, most not engaged with each other at the moment.  You have an illusion of seeing their true selves, and these true selves are competent, going about their business, figuring out what they have to do, or mulling over what they've done.  A kind of focus and determination  (they’re in themselves so fully) that gives dignity and a kind of beauty. 
    Also birds, trash birds, English sparrows flickering like gifts from god rising instead of coming down from heaven, and a landing pigeon of extraordinary beauty  its wings, its curled pink feet, a little ruffle of feathers in the wind on the back of its neck.
    I googled images from the project, but they just seem to be snapshots: it’s the motion that makes it, the sense of going inside someone else's time. 

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