Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Martin Luther King Celebration and More Obama!

Junius Williams blew my sox off yesterday at the Coalition's 12th annual Dr. King Celebration : he talked about how as a young SNCC member he often opposed MLK as too slow, too old-fashioned, too unrevolutionary, and that he now has come to see the deep radical quality of Dr. King's vision-- he quoted King saying that the solution to poverty was going to be a guaranteed annual income!  Wow!

And me thinking Yes!  As a young SDS'er, I too, we too -- undervalued King, etc.  Williams went to Newark at the call of Tom Hayden.  He broke into song a few times, which I loved.  Did religious riffs– did he have a religious conversion as well as a learned appreciation of King?

The service this year was at Morrow Memorial, co-sponsored by South Orange First Baptist.  A lot of mention of Chip Madsen’s death, a terrific jazz group with a brilliant drummer and soprano saxophone. 

All that, and a second term for our beloved, mildly progressive president.

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