Monday, July 02, 2012

    I am not a big fan of Facebook: it always feels wildly scattered and distracted and even out of control.  At least my "friends" will never be mistaken for an echo chamber.  About a quarter of the posts I get are anti-Obama “jokes” with a new sub-category of Christians for Israel. (Is this one of the groups that is eager to get all the Jews into Israel so we can stimulate Armageddon and the Second Coming?)  Another third of my posts are liberal cartoons and links to what Stephen Colbert said last week.   And the rest are pictures of darling big-eyed babies and puppies and flower arrangements and the good things people are cooking for dinner  I exaggerate, but the bottom line is that the volume (in all senses) makes my head swim.  I also get announcements of events and new books by writer friends etc., but the overall impression, when I open my account, is of random noise and flashing lights and a kind of mini-roller coaster sensation that, frankly, is often unpleasant.

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