Friday, June 01, 2012

June 1, 2012

     I had a beautiful birthday yesterday: just what I like: I went in to the city and went to the Metropolitan museum. Small exquisite lunch at the Petrie Court, walk across Central Park, all the people! Discovered some things I liked (especially watercolors by John Marin, who is quite famous, of course, but I had always been aware of as one in a string of names after Georgia O'Keeffe's). Then I went to the big (and soon to be closing) The Steins Collect exhibit: huge blowups of Leo, Gertrude, Michael, Sarah, and little Allan plus tons of Matisses, Cezannes, Picassos (but of course!). Much fun.

     Phone call with singing from Joel and Sarah as I walked down Fifth Avenue, heard from Mom, went out with Andy to our new favorite Thai restaurant Wild Ginger.
     So that was satisfying, and now to prepare to go back to teaching, cut major thick backyard grass, try once again to figure out who's messing up my garden (feral cats maybe?)
     Gorgeous weather yesterday, and today is starting that way, but scheduled to changes.

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