Saturday, March 31, 2012

Laid Out Like Lox in Front of the Television

I was thinking last night (loxed out with bloody Harlan Hollywood style Justified and wish fulfillment Nikita (and then we’ll be in our beautiful spacious safe house on the beach with computer access to everywhere in the world, and then we'll be in a super luxury hotel in Moscow where we will not be jet-lagged but instantly ready to do martial arts in our stiletto heels!”).

Andy calls the other one JustiFRIED. The other show, Nikita, has a soft heart– it’s presented as a positive quality if one of the trained killers decides to let someone live, and there are a lot of flashbacks to six years ago when the bad guys actually helped the good guys, how sad, what has happened to us?

The two shows balance out the corniness for me: In Nikita everyone looks like they’re constipated as they suffer over who has to die, and in Justified (as in most of testosterone t.v., and all of Elmore Leonard’s novels, for that matter) everyone has a cute curled eyebrow and a crooked smile as they blast out someone’s brains. Usually a bad guy’s brains, but then all the best characters in Justified are bad guys.

It's an actor's paradise: they’ve got this great blue eyed bleached blonde sadist plus the always delightful Walter Goggins as Boyd Crowder with his fists in his jeans jacket pockets enjoying his verbal play with other criminal elements. Anyhow, as I said, the actors all look like they are having the time of their lives. The women actors less so, now that old Mags Bennett is gone.

I have fun with these, but certainly don’t claim anything more than dulling a speeding brain.

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