Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Community Coalition on Race, the local integration organization that I've been a part of for fifteen years, had a Board Retreat yesterday that I really enjoyed. This is unusual for me, as I am usually put off in a big way by these events. I can just barely deal with abstractions at the very widest macro/philosophic level, but putting practical things like how to run an organization into general terms and – worse– slogans and catch phrases-- and connecting what I think of as a Cause to Corporate Business practice-- well, let me put it gently and say it grates my ear and oppresses my spirit.

But this was different! We had a terrific Memphis-born presenter named Vicki Clark who had her own memories of segregation, was a good story-teller, extremely sensitive to the audience's reactions– she was able to make the six hours entertaining and concrete. I really came away with specific things I'd like to do for the Coalition as well as feeling closer to the people who were there. All good.

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