Saturday, December 03, 2011

My Brother-in-Law: Jedi Master of the World Wide Web

My brother-in-law's talk at Berkeley earlier this week got a nice write-up in the New York Times-- the writer calls it "How the Internet is Destroying Everything," which is just about exactly the opposite of David (Weinberger)'s outlook: he thinks the web is the future and it's a good thing.

He (David) also has the cover article for the current issue of Scientific American and a new book coming out called Too Big to Know:. We call him a computer guru, which is sort of what he does-- he thinks about the world wide web and presently has a job at Harvard working on Digitalizing All the Books or something like that.

He got a PhD in philosophy (Heidegger specialist) at a time when there were-- literally-- no jobs. He began doing some writing for a computer company, and ended up-- Jedi Master of the World Wide Web!

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