Saturday, October 22, 2011

My First Electronic Library Book

I've been telling people that the big problem with Kindle--aside from how hard it is to take notes compared to an old dead tree book-- is that you can't share or borrow the overpriced newer (read in -copyright) books. It seems to me that e-books absolutely ought to be the cheapest form of books-- minimal materials, you can't lend it to a friend or resell it, etc. Amazon runs an in-house sharing site where I early on got one good book, the novel about Thomas Cromwell, but it has essentially turned into advertisements for new books for Kindle.

BUT NOW- it has finally happened. It is finally possible to borrow from the library. I had to go in person first to get my card renewed (and I ended up promising to present a program for the library in the spring!) and they were very helpful showing me the website for the regional pool of library e-books, many with waiting lists, but I made the experiment by using "advanced search" and skimming over available books, and found Sarah Waters' newest. I now have it on my Kindle, for two weeks, anyhow, and I'm thrilled. I don't know how this works region to region, but here you get up to 5 books, and there is no extension-- you go back on the waiting list if you didn't finish. Fine, who cares. To borrow a Kindle book, you get sent to Amazon, and I had a little to-do about which email was my sign in, and actually ended up calling and speaking to a human being, but the next phase is beginning to happen....

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