Saturday, March 26, 2011

Biggest Bargain Books-- and Good Food!

I was thinking about José Saramago, the late Nobel prize winning Portuguese socialist expatriate, so I went to the Kindle Store to see what his books were selling for, and I found the biggest bargain yet except for the totally free Victorians: an omnibus collection of twelve of his novels for $19.80. That’s right, 12 novels (as far as I can tell, all of his fiction except the newest, possibly posthumous Cain. )There is also an appreciation/introduction by Ursula LeGuin that I enjoyed a lot (and you can read in the “sample” format that is free). I did my shopping due diligence and made sure the translators were the same ones as my three hard copy Saramago’s have. And I’m now reading The Elephant with great if intermittent pleasure.

And I have a thought that his crazy wonderful breathless style with commas for periods and no quotation marks may be exactly right for the full speed ahead book tunnel of the e-reader. I’m happy as a clam.

Actually, I'm happy as a clam about going to dinner at Munchie's, too, the new South Orange Jamaican restaurant: spicy red snapper brown stew with rice and "peas," planatains, stewed cabbage. So glad we finally went over and tried it.

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