Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm not as tired as Andy, but we're both tired: he biked 100 miles today, Connecticut to Vermont again, but this time back almost to West Stockbridge to make an even hundred. Pretty amazing for someone on Medicare. I had to hang out in West Stockbridge, which is fun, ideas for restaurants, waiting for him to finish so I could pick him up-- and then the muffler fell off the Subaru! AARRGHH! Tomorrow’s activity. I no longer feel guilty about bringing two cars.

He says he had burning in his muscles, and his wrists hurt (he was biking for something like seven hours!). Meanwhile, I went to the Norman Rockwell museum-- I like Rockwell, and this time especially enjoyed some movie posters (he did STAGECOACH!) And some Saturday evening post covers with movie stars and other entertainers (bob Hope, Jack Benny), but overall, his paintings lack what I love most about great art, which is that you can look repeatedly and for ever. For Rockwell, I find once is enough -- further examination doesn't take you any farther. It's all right there at first glance.

They also had a show of William Steig's work that was fun-- his early New Yorker cartoons of the NYC street kids, one funny series called “Dreams of Glory” in which boys save their parents from a burglar by throwing knives etc. Very funny, as is much of his stuff. His children's books included SHREK!

I also went to the Berkshire Botanical garden for a half hour right before they closed, and that is a place I definitely want to go back to-- just a delight the lawns and then the little patches of flowers, a rose garden, a culinary herb garden, a dyeing herb garden, etc.

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