Monday, June 21, 2010

A note to my listserv of people who were involved in the anti-war/anti-racism events at Columbia University in 1968:

I've been working for nearly fifteen years in my very small suburban New Jersey community to create stable and continuing racial integration. I want to say how difficult it has been, even in generally liberal community, first to create housing demand in all neighborhoods for all races and seceond to de-track our schools and thus combat the racial segregation that has developed between the levels and the related academic achievement gap. When I think how much work it has taken, and how unfinished this little business in two tiny towns-- bedroom communities for NYC-- I can only be thankful for the federal judges with brains, with the glimmerings of health care, with an actual (or at least apparent) concession from Bibi Netanyahu.

I find Obama's politics 'way to the right of mine; my blood still rises to the old battle cries; and I have no freaking idea if anything this administration has done is going to change the world. But I do know that standing on the sidelines howling will do less

I also have a deep and abiding faith that somehow those who are out organizing demonstrations in favor of immigrants, and those who are person-ing the pro-Peace tables at street fairs and the Obama administration as well-- and me in my town with our little minuscule moves toward true integration-- are actually all on the same side.

Meredith Sue Willis

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