Sunday, November 29, 2009

Four Days!

Joel took this at Josh Kastan's house
November 29
Here goes another month! Oh my! Right now Joel and Sarah are somewhere over Ontario,flying back to San Francisco, and her parents Jan and Phil are flying back to Los Angeles a couple of hours ahead of them. We had a wildly social and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with Sarah's whole immediate family, including her brother Daniel and sister Esther--Thanksgiving day in Clinton, CT with Ellen and David and Ann and Jennie and Leah and Nathan and Greg and Jon and Bethany and my mother and some friends of Ellen's, eating and the traditional viewing of Jurassic Park and getting up at 6:45 a.m. to go to the outlets shopping and I got a great pair of walkable black Clarks booties, and then cheescake and pumpkin pie for breakfast and finally back to New Jersey, and a pre-cooked brisket dinner. On Saturday it was off to bagel and lox brunch in Montvale to meet Sarah's sister Esther's boyfriend Josh's family! Followed by Cafe Arugula for dinner and Andy's cornmeal pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast today and oh my! So much talk and wedding discussions and family stories and laughing, cool and sunny, and I hope they all make it home safely.

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