Saturday, May 23, 2009

"Welcome to Summer!"

... was what good neighbor and friend Paula Hatch called and said. She's looking for the proxy for our vote at the lake meeting-- meanwhile, here, David and Ellen and Andy (as best I can discern) are off for the bonding ritual of early bakery goods. I'm on the porch, perfect cool weather so far. Parakeet over my left shoulder, the Ishiguro book When We Were Orphans to my right where I was sitting. Ellen worked hard for hours before the rest ofr us came, so there’s been a general vacuuming and furniture in place, couches covered, etc. David got us online, so as he said, last night was the long. dreaded nightmare: him on his computer, Leah on hers, Nathan (it was shabbos) looking over her shoulder but not touching, Andy on this Toshiba, me on the Acer. Pretty amusing, all considered.

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