Saturday, March 07, 2009

I'm coming out of a long period of tons of teaching (which continues) but also my mother and that brutal drive to and from West Virginia to take her home. Actually, the only brutal part was the return drive with three hours stuck on Route 78. Anyhow, I have three pretty clear days right now, and plans for some career work, reading. Starting seeds, maybe.

I got a notice from the Columbia '68-'08 listserv that Mark Rudd's book is coming out soon, and he has a website with some very nice FAQ's that answer clearly and directly a lot of the questions people have about what was going on back then-- and he of course has more to explain, having gone crazy underground with Weatherman. I guess Mark's great strength has always been this ability of his to be direct and clear--you find yourself liking him and listening. In any case, take a look at his website, especially his FAQ.

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