Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's very green...

...looking out from my screened back porch as evening comes on. I've been reading Saramago's Seeing, the Olympics are over, the Conventions beginning. Obama has picked Biden for his running mate; there is the fear that Bush will come up with an October surprise to get McCain elected (bomb Iran?)

Meanwhile, T.V. doing the one thing it does very well, which is to "cover" things, new things, real things, as-they-are-happening things.

The last week of August coming up, and there is a dire illness of a family member of mine that I'm not in a daily relationship with, but that affects my 89 year old mother a lot; my son is in the process of moving from one apartment to another (and his move is going very normally, which means it's been awful-- a broken truck and cat pee on the new carpet being only the easiest things). We went to see Tropic Thunder last night, and ate at the texmex chain Desert Moon, and I helped distribute flyers for the the Village Colonials' block party and several little chores like thinning plastic storage containers, and a bike ride, humid today, but the temperature in the low eighties, so it's been an inexplicably relaxing, pleasant, happy day.

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