Sunday, May 11, 2008

Back from WV

Back from the long drive home from West Virgina. My mom is doing well-- took her cast off and is walking around smartly, taking dog biscuits to her canine friends, etc. etc. We visited with Edith and Margie, made trips to Wal-Mart, ate out, and hiked around East Shinnston. Such green, everywhere, Sideling hill, Shinnston, and then back driving down Prospect Street.

Tomorrow is my talk on 1968 at Ethical Culture, and I'm nervous about it-- had trouble focusing on it while I was down there. Well, after this, I've a pretty low key, for me, span coming up. Looking forward to a good sleep, then get up and complete this-- a way to share, to put us all in a kind of perspective.

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