Sunday, April 13, 2008

Friends and Magnolias

April 13

We had dinner last night with Tony and Mary, such fun to be with them after so much time passed. We discussed aged parents and youthful offspring. Tony is going back to work as a principal after retiring! Ryan and Anne about to graduated respectively from Northeastern and Rutgers. I still miss having them across the street, that terrible storm of a summer when Joel left for college, they moved, and Charley Brown kicked the bucket while being boarded at the Maplewood pet store. That came up during our conversation, and I almost cried. Mary said, “Imagine how you’d feel about a dog!”

Magnolia Haiku

Magnolia blossoms
Sweet and potent hanging there–
Defiance of gray.
Grass suddenly green:
Magnolia time has arrived:
Pink backyard geysers.

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