Sunday, March 30, 2008

Coal Miner's Dinner and a Haiku

March 30

Well, the Coal Miner’s Dinner fundraiser for Ethical went off smoothly! Eleven paying guests (one less than originally planned) plus me and Andy. Butter pie was a big hit, as was apple butter. I had a song on Jack Wright's the “Music of Coal” about being poor and eating corn bread and pinto beans, which was part of the meal. We also sampled moonshine and pronounced it excellent! I made slaw using my mother's recipe, pork chops (but grilled on the George Foreman--too many people for me to handle all the pans for frying), fried potatoes, three kinds of bread (sliced white bread, cornbread, biscuits), and then many pies. Everyone seemed to have a good time. I did put out the bench at my mom's request, because her family only had chairs for the parents, but in the end, our guests preferred chairs!

March 26

Lilac crocus here–
Overhead maroon leaf buds
Pale scumble of spring!

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wordfield said...

Hi Meredith Sue,

An interesting blog, good reading!

I am curious as to what "scumble" is in your haiku.

Carry on!
Bill Higginson