Thursday, December 13, 2007


It turns out I really love shoes, or at least my shoes . Yesterday I wore my new cloggy-dressy Merrell’s to my last Advanced Novel class. They have a name, Plaza Strap T, and big rubbery soles so they look like a clog, but a little T Strap and suede so from some angles they look dressy, and when I walked fast across Washington Square and up Fifth Avenue, they just lifted me up and pushed me off and felt great. Felt like I could go running in them. Clunky but stylish? Comfortable? It was such fun to wear them. A few weeks back I also bought a pair of little Dollhouse Mary Janes with a one inch heel that you can actually dance in and your feet don’t hurt afterward. I walk enough that my shoes matter, and I am vain enough that how they look matters too!

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