Monday, December 03, 2007

A Pell-Mell Sunday

It's been a kind of pell-mell Sunday, that leaves me feeling energized in my lungs, although tired now at going-on ten o'clock. I started with papers, which I've been doing all day off and on and yesterday too, then worked on an op-ed piece for the News-Record for the Social Action Committee,then walked through snow early to Ethical to greet, everything running slow there, and they needed a presider, and I did it, and Boe spoke, and we had a short Social Action Committee after, I walked home, feeling my cheeks pink, gray sky and more snow. Hastily did my soc action notes, redid the ethical website for next week's platform, a few other things, another paper, ate lunch, played with parakeet, did all the things for dinner, to make sure it would go fast: marinated chops for the George Foreman Grill, sliced broccoli and chopped garlic for a crispy broc stir fry, etc. Then off at 4:00 to the Executive Committee meeting for the Coalition, lots going on for two hours as usual, came home, cooked dinner, and since have been reading the book about America before Columbus, 1491 . Supertired now, but cheerful from all the activity, breathing deeply.

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