Sunday, December 23, 2007

Grainy Weather, Christmas Feelings

Drippy day gray rain
White blots of wretched old snow
Indoors: family warmth.

December 22

Actually, the back yard doesn't look like this today-the snow is mostly gone, and the weather has been gray and grungy. But Joel and Sarah are here, we had pesto for dinner from the summer garden, there is a manufactured log roasting in the fireplace, and the oven broke today, just as my mom and I were popping in some muffins--but Christie Harrington let me bake them at her house, and I'm sleepy and alls going swimmingly for now.

December 19

My mom has arrived, skinny and tiny and deaf as a doorpost but also full of such enthusiasm that it just blows me away-- I hope she doesn't break anything on the ice and continues in this bright state of being able to enjoy for a long time. She wants to wrap packages, decorate the tree, eat good food, take walks, read books, and play with the parakeet, who went right to her, ate off her plate and out of her mouth. She did her email on my laptop. She asked Andy to tell her she didn't need a second opinion about her glaucoma (her doctor isn't an M.D.) and he said firmly and loud enough to hear, "No, she ought to get a second opinion!" Which caused much laughter.

She had a good visit with her nephew, my Cousin Harley, (with her in photo below) and enjoyed his grand kids and all the activity at their house.

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