Friday, November 09, 2007

Mom's Group

Jody Nancy Maddie me but not Evelyn last night at North Square in NYC. In the link image, it looks larger than it feels--part of what's nice about it is the intimacy. I had California Sunfish with chipotle sauce over risotto and spinach with a side of mashed potatoes with chives (I didn't know the risotto was part of the dish). We had our usual sharing about our lives and our kids--this is my group that had a baby play group in Park Slope, Brooklyn, in the late eighties, and the big kids are all now college graduates. The others had at least one more child, but not me. It is always a deep time, full of the intense feelings of motherhood. I was so glad to see them, just to talk-- no need for action, work, papers to go over! Food wine bronze glow of North Square the young people serving. Great pleasure.

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