Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cozy Saturday

A part of the Arts Catalyst project at the Newark Museum that was supposed to happen today has been rescheduled, and I couldn't be more pleased to have a day with no work out of the house. There's plenty to do here, of course, particularly the finishing up of a manuscript consultation, and I just did a lot of desk work, invoices, NJ Writers Project acceptances of future work, email of course, the endless emails. I only have one NYU class next week, so fewer papers than usual.

Meanwhile, it's a bright but gray November sky, and the trees only now coloring up, very late, and people are whispering about global warming. In the paper today, the U.N. group making more strong statements about what has to be done to stave off global catastrophe. But it's hard for me to feel it on a cozy Saturday morning when Andy makes pancakes and his strong coffee, and I'm still in my hot pink flannel nightgown (but building up to a walk and some physical work!).

Joel and Sarah are coming next week, and while I'm not allowing myself to look forward to it ecstatically, I am not obsessing about airplanes yet either. My mom goes to Cleveland Monday, getting picked up by Harley and Faye by car, so her winter migrations are commencing.

And the psychological weather here isn't bad.

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