Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spring Sonnet

Spring Sonnet, already a little out-of-date, as today we are greener than yesterday and white and pink blossoms all over the place. So this was last week, just before it all busted out:

Come puffs of wind from all sides & above
Come sun on eyelids breathing glowing green
Come buds not yet burst out in summer love
And father-robin breasts all orange sheen.
I’m lying on our lichen covered bench
Tickled by air and life on exposed skin,
Yearning to stay out here, not have to wrench
Myself away to busy tasks within.
So rarely do I pause and steep in sun–
My days bereft of time to see and hear
Like this, to let the to-do list be done:
My life my body centered fully here,
While Chaucer’s little fowls make melody
In April, I, aware awake, in stillness free.

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