Sunday, April 08, 2007

I finished my anti-deer garden web!

You can't tell too well, because it was getting late when I took the photo on this cold Easter, spitting snow, but the view is to the northwest, the corner of the carriage house plus the home of the Misses Magliaro. If you look closely you can see the shadows of the netting, a fine net that even heavy wind goes right through. It totally tents the garden. My objective this year was to make it so I could actually stand everywhere in the garden--last year I was always stooping and lurching, but this time, with two more of the posts from the swing set planted in the ground, and with sunbrellas (like the ones over wintered over vegetables on the ground in the picture)-- but old ones with the plastic torn off, dropped into the posts and used for slinging the net-- well, all I can say is, I really hope that *&@@!! Darling Bambi gets the message and doesn't eat my vegetables.

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