Tuesday, March 06, 2007

March Roller Coaster

We’re on a roller coaster with Joel’s Ph.D. acceptances. He found out at Princeton that they don’t do deferments (you have to go back in the pool and start over), but now he's sent out an email saying that Carnegie Mellon does do deferments . Well, it’s all up and down, where he’ll be, the loss I feel at his not being in the house anymore (which is nothing compared to my friend's infinitely greater loss of her son). Or my other friend's final survey of the gray flat universe and her choice of darkness for herself.

But I’m feeling light this morning, even though I just spend the last hour on Coalition business rather than writing.

It’s very cold again and extremely bright, with the white tops of bare branches and the bark a sort of light orange where the colors are saturated. Light blue sky. The season of absolutely no leaves that is closest to the burgeoning time.

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